An Introduction of Sorts

If you read the title of my blog, you would (hopefully) assume that I am not a natural Floridian. Okay, I’m not technically a Floridian at all, but I “moved” here for college, and I’ve always been a Floridian at heart, so I feel like that counts enough… Anyway, I was born and raised in Casper, WY. Yes, this is my favorite line when I meet anyone here because they almost always have to double take like they are thinking, “You are from WHERE??” I might as well be from a different planet to some of these people because Wyoming is so stereotyped and many people wouldn’t even know where to find it on a map!

*Sidenote… yes, we do have running water; yes, we do drive cars; no, we don’t all have our pistols out ready for a duel; no, Wyoming does not look anything like an old western movie…until you get out into the country; and yes, we DO exist!*

After double taking my response, almost always they reply with a “wow, you’re a long way from home.” So yes, I am a long way from home! However, I am loving it here!

Since before I graduated high school, I wanted to live in Florida. I wanted to move here right after graduation, but things worked out against my original plan, which ended up being great! I am here now, attending Palm Beach Atlantic University, and it is absolutely amazing. I am one mile from the ocean, and right outside my living room window is a gorgeous view of the Intracoastal Waterway! Yes, I am very blessed.

Some quick facts about me:
• I’m 20 years old.
• I am majoring in zoology.
• I want to work in wildlife rehabilitation and conservation.
• I have four pets at home (3 box turtles and 1 tortoise). They are all rescues, and you
can read about them here.

I plan on using this blog to record all of the things I do while I am here in Florida. I try to go out and look for animals often, and I just plan on trying as many new things as I can.

If you are visiting from my other blog, I’m happy to have you here! I am going to try to keep both blogs up. More than likely, I will be posting to this one more than the other one, so bear with me!

Thank you all for visiting!

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