My Great Galapagos Trip – Day 6

As a recap, it has been the biggest dream of mine to go to the Galapagos Islands since I was 6 years old. I was incredibly blessed with the opportunity to do so this summer. This post will cover day 6 of the incredible 10-day journey. If you missed the previous posts, you can start the series here.

Day 6 (Isabela Island): Prior to beginning this trip, there was only one activity I was terrified about doing. We were told early on in the planning stages that we would be doing a 13-mile hike (round-trip) up and down Volcán Sierra Negra (Sierra Negra Volcano). Now, I am not in shape whatsoever. I am definitely one to pick a large milkshake rather than a salad, so the idea of this hike terrified this little out-of-shape body of mine. The plan was to work out every day, go swimming, and run in order to prepare for this hike. You can imagine how far this plan went…Netflix, cookies, and Chinese food won out every single time.

Luckily for me, our tour guides had planned out other activities for the afternoon, so we did the “shortcut” trail, which was only 6.2 miles round trip. As you can imagine, it was still really difficult, but I managed to make it to the top and see a crater that was roughly six miles wide. The beautiful view was well worth the difficult hike.

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Following the hike back down, we went to our third and final tortoise breeding center of the trip. This was probably my favorite because they were able to actually preserve the embryonic growth of baby tortoises. They brought out preserved tortoise embryos that were one, two, three, and four months old (they hatch at five to eight months). It was truly amazing to see the progression of how these little creatures develop.

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There were so many tortoises at this breeding center, once again, of all ages!

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We left the breeding center and walked on a trail that led us to an area called the “Wetlands.” We were able to see our first wild flamingos here! They were absolutely beautiful and very pink!

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Following the Wetlands, we were given free time in the town and on the beach. I was able to get the marine iguana shot that I had in my mind prior to the trip. I was able to enjoy watching several iguanas and sally lightfoot crabs.

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I ended the day at a restaurant where I got crepes and some free wifi to call back home. We were able to watch the sunset on the way back to the yacht. A beautiful end to a beautiful day.

A horrible cell phone photo of an incredible sunset.

Up next, Day 7: Isabela Island

Day 6

110 thoughts on “My Great Galapagos Trip – Day 6

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      1. I was only in mainland Ecuador as a layover destination to get to the islands. We spent a full day in Quito ( and were able to explore quite a bit of the city and visit the equator. And then on the way back, we had a very long layover in Guayaquil, but we were exhausted from our travels (we spent a few hours early in the morning on North Seymour Island) and didn’t want to worry about trying to get out of the airport, then find a way back, and then go back through security all in time to make our flight, so we spent the entire time in Guayaquil at the airport. Where did you visit in Ecuador?

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      2. That’s cool. I have visited Quito when I first went to Ecuador. We had a big tour in the city and we were in the Hotel Quito which was a nice place. I did visit Guayaquil later on and we went to the Galapagos from that city. Some of the other places I visited were Baños de Agua Santa, Zumbahua, Alausi, Riobamba (briefly), and some other smaller towns although I can’t remember all the names. I do have some pictures up at under my Shutterbug Saturday series.

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  2. It was such a great peek into the wonderful trip..I loved it dearest.. You have presented it with your heart…❤❤May God bless you and other great bloggers who are presenting such great works to us and


    Wonderful Ma’am❤

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  3. Debbie

    I always wondered what “stink eye” meant – Oh THAT”S what they mean hahaha. Yes I recognize that look.
    That cell phone sunset – it’s like an egg cracking open with this beautiful bright glowing orange thing inside.
    Thank you for all these great picture – I loved seeing them.

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