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My name is McKenna Paulley. I am a Christian. I recently graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a Concentration in Zoology. I am a nature enthusiast with a focus on reptiles.

My Great Galapagos Trip – Day 3

As a recap, I had the amazing opportunity this summer to go to the Galapagos Islands, a dream of mine since I was six years old. This post will cover day 3 of my 10-Day journey. If you missed the first two, you can find them here!

Day 3 (San Cristobal): Today was finally the day that my biggest dream would come true! Continue reading My Great Galapagos Trip – Day 3

The Wonders of the Grassy Waters Preserve

As a lover of nature and all things wildlife, one of the best things about now living in Florida is the year-long access to gorgeous parks and preserves. I took some time last month exploring a few of the walking paths in the Grassy Waters Preserve in West Palm Beach, FL (there are five total). Continue reading The Wonders of the Grassy Waters Preserve